About Stephen Gard

tl; dr

  • Born 1952.
  • Writing professionally since 1986:
  • ... for the stage (New Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company)...
  • ... and the page (Jacaranda Wiley, Rigby Heinemann, Macmillan, Kangaroo Press, Ashton Scholastic...)
  • ... and fiction and verse for children (The School Magazine).
  • ... and for the ear (Sydney Symphony Orchestra, ABC-FM, 2SER-FM)
  • ... and for the eye-and-ear (JNP Films, Grundy, Crawford, Clip-on-the-Ear Audibly Risibles)
  • Self-published (BlueDawe Books) since 2011.
  • Latest title Once Upon a Hume.
  • Three further volumes in this series planned.


 Photo of Stephen Gard by Jon Nourse